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The League of Clowns, New Orleans is the newest and hottest entertainment group to hit this city. They focus on party entertainment of all ages and party events. Their services include live dance performances, face painting, creating balloon figures, crazy dance battles, magic shows, and games with everyone present.

You may have seen them in a city near you turning up the block or riding around in “The Mardi Rocc”. This team of phenomenal dancers ranges from 30 and younger and all are skilled in the services above.

TLOCNOLA is managed by Halo Tha Clown. If Halo is not able to make it to your party or event, Pixi, the co-captain will be the one hosting your party with the league.

Auditions are held on a yearly basis, stay tuned for the next audition date! Please follow our Instagram @tlocnola for more details.

If you have any questions about booking the league for your party or event, please contact Halo Tha Clown at 214-702-3339!


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